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A submissive’s Daily Reflections

Very busy day today.  So many orders to make i am almost drowning.  Stress is good, that means business is good.  Took time out for a few hours tonight to attend a party.  Back at my office working again already 1:30 am.  i could really use some sleep but i will work a little longer because i have so many orders to complete before Monday morning.  Looking back at this day i will find five things to be grateful for:

1)  i am grateful that even though i didn’t get to bed til the wee hours of the morning i was up early and had an early start.

2)  i am grateful that my business is doing so well, and my reviews have been amazing!

3)  i am grateful that even though i have put so many hours in my business here, my dogs still have unconditional love for me.  i love my dogs.  Even if they do eat everything in sight!

4)  i am grateful to have gone to a party tonight and had a great time.

5)  i am grateful for everything that i have and for this day!



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