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A submissive’s Daily Reflections

Today was a non stop day from the moment i opened my eyes and i am still going after 2 am.  i wish there were more hours in a day.  There is just so much to do.  I was suppose to go out to a nightclub tonight with some new friends but they cancelled out.  So we went out to a movie and then did Christmas Shopping.  Now to wrap all those presents!  i didn’t get to work in my business today so at the end of the day i checked my online site and the orders are piling up on me!   So now i work.  Good thing after all that Christmas shopping. Each day i reflect back on my day and look for at least five things to be grateful for.  I missed yesterday because i worked from 9 am until 4:10 am.  Yes, that is not a mistake, i put in a very long 19 hour work day.  Then ran all day today! Hello,  i am Vixen and i am a workaholic. There must be a 12 step program for this!  Fa la la la la, tis the season to be busy! Five things i am grateful for today are as follows:

1)  i am grateful for my business becoming successful.  Now to clone me.

2)  i am grateful that i was able to do my Christmas shopping in one trip.

3)  i am grateful that i found time to get my nails done so they are nice for the holiday.  i love them!

4)  i am grateful for a patient Master, i hardly had time to communicate with him today because i was so busy.  

5)  i am grateful that i was able to go see a movie in the middle of all my shopping today.  i saw Madea’s Christmas, it was hilarious!  i love Madea movies, Tyler Perry makes a great Madea.


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