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Where have my panties gone?

i have been do laundry and i know i put my panties in the hamper. i have or had numerous cute little thongs and panties that i really like. I have dug through that hamper a least a half a dozen times looking for my panties. i have found one thong.   Where have my panties gone?  i hand wash them so i know they can’t be with all the socks that disappear when i wash them in the washer and dry them in the dryer.  i don’t know where they go either!   i think the washer eats my socks!   As far as the panties go, i know they are small, but this is frustrating!  i am beginning to ask myself, since they are so small anyway,  would i really miss them if i just gave up panties?  Just quit wearing them.  It’s not like they cover a lot of area.  i answer myself, i just don’t know.  i can just keep buying more or give them up.  Hmm a tough question indeed.  i wonder what Master would say.  i should ask him.


  1. oceanswater

    There may be an underwear thief in your neighborhood… it does happen, all they want to do is collect women’s panties… Good luck finding them… 🙂

    • Since they have completely seemed to disappear, that is a possibility!

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