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A submissive’s Daily Reflections

Today i had to go to a birthday party.  She is a family member and today she turned five.  We had her party at a place called Chucky Cheese’s.  It was a wonderful party and everyone had a great time.  i wasn’t in a party mood but the smiles on all the faces and seeing the children have so much fun perked me up a bit and i even played some games and it took my mind off of things for a while.  i am home now, and working in my office again.  i heard from Sir today, he seemed to be in a good mood with a busy day ahead of him and said he would have an answer for me on Monday.  That is all i know.  I am worried, and scared,  because i am not sure what he is going to say.  i have had a miserable week and i truly regret with all of my heart, an email that i sent him that caused this whole thing.  i don’t know if he realizes just how sorry i truly am.  i hope he forgives me and takes me back.  It has been since last Saturday, he left me because of that email, and i have been so depressed ever since.  I don’t know what to expect, i hope it isn’t the worse.  I am worried and very anxious.  He holds the key to my heart.  

1)  i am grateful the Sir said he will have an answer for me by Monday, but i am worried and so scared to know what the answer will be.  i pray that it will be good news, trying to focus on the positive, but very anxious and nervous.

2)  i am grateful that the birthday party i went to today took my mind off of things for a while

3)  i am grateful that my business is doing well.

4)  i am grateful that i have a new dress, and purse for a Christmas party that i am suppose to attend tomorrow, although i don’t feel very cheery.

5)  i am grateful for the thoughtful friends here on  that have tried to cheer me up and give me advice.  Thank you.



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