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A submissive’s Daily Reflections – Day 27

Just about to go to sleep and i remembered i have not wrote this in my journal yet.  So quickly i will write the five things i am grateful for today.


1)  Today i am grateful that my dog’s eye looks much better today than yesterday.

2)  Today i am grateful for advice from Master about my business cards.

3)  Today i am grateful that i have a patient and understanding Master. 

4)  Today i am grateful for the beautiful weather we had today because it is suppose to be much colder by Monday, going to have to dig out my sweaters from the back of the closet.

5)  Today i am grateful that this day is over and i get a chance to do this right tomorrow.




  1. The Cats Meow

    Florida took all of your cold weather!!

    • i know i live in Florida, and tomorrow it is suppose to get even colder. i am going to freeze! LOL Looks like i better find my winter clothes!

      • The Cats Meow

        I live in FL too! It was so cold today.

  2. i know. i was suppose to take the dogs outside a few times. today. i usually stay outside with them, i opened the door, felt the cold air and sent them in the backyard by themselves. They loved it. i stayed inside and put a sweater on!

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