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Versatile Blogger Award – Me?

i was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by  .  Thank you, it was completely unexpected.  

Now i am suppose to tell you seven things about me.

 1)  i am always looking for the positive in everything.  Every cloud has that silver lining.  Sometimes we just have to look for it.

2)  i am a good listener.  Whether i know someone or not, if they just need to talk to someone or need a shoulder to lean on i will be there for them.

3)  i am dependable.  

4)  indecisive. Sometimes i just can’t make up my mind about anything.  

5)  i can be very stubborn at times.  It has cost me relationships and has gotten me in a lot of trouble with my parents when i was young.

6)  i am very respectful of authority. 

7)  my worse trait is that i can be very impatient.  i really need to work on practicing my patience.  i have trouble waiting for anything.

My nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

my nominations are:

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