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Master Song- Leonard Cohen

The Master Song by Leonard Cohen, on you tube. It shows the lyrics on the screen.

For you Master,
You introduced me to this song, This song has such meaning. i have listened to it so many times. Reading the words each time, and every time i think i have it figured out, i don’t.  i think that is the Master singing to his submissive throughout the entire song.  This is what i get out of it.  The Master had a submissive, and he had to leave to go to war.  He came back and was ill,or disabled in some way and  needed time to recover.   His submissive came back and she took care of him.  He talked either in his sleep or under fever said things that he had locked up in his head that he would have normally not told her.  He said that she told him he took her traveling.  i am thinking he might have told her about the places he went to while at war.  Also,  he taught himself many things to be a great Master but since he came back either disabled or not well longed for how he use to be, and now feels like a prisoner because he can not get up out of bed.

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