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A submissive’s Daily Reflections – Day 19

Almost to the close of another day.  It has been a somewhat productive day today.  i am actually still working at my desk but taking a break to write in my journal.  Each day i reflect and look for five things that i am grateful for:

1) Today i am grateful for tech help.  i spent hours upon hours trying to figure out a web program and i was getting nowhere.  Then i finally picked up the phone which i should have done hours ago, but due to my stubborn nature i had to keep trying myself.  i called tech support and in a few minutes i had the information i needed to move on.  They are great. That’s good because when i am done here i have to call them again! LOL. 

2)  Today i am grateful for Master’s encouragement on my ventures.

3)  Today i am grateful to have the peace and quiet of my own office to work.

4)  Today i am grateful for customers.

5)  Today i am grateful that i was blessed with another day.



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