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A submissive’s Daily Reflections – Day 18

As i come to the end of another day, my eyes are heavy.  I reflect on my day which was extremely busy, to find five things that i am grateful for.  The five things that i am grateful for today are:

1)  i am grateful that someone who read a post i wrote pointed out to me that when i write about Master, i tend to write my Master, which does sound possessive.  Since this is new to me, i never realized that i did that.  I am glad she did tell me what i was doing, because i want to be a good submissive for Master.  I am grateful, i didn’t know,  so i learned something today, thank you.

2)  i am grateful for having energy on very little sleep that i had last night.  Its amazing that we can find energy to do the things we have to do with a positive attitude with little sleep.  i have to remind myself that even though there is still work to be done tomorrow is another day.

3)  i am grateful for juice machines!  i am able to throw fresh veggies and fruit in the machine and the juice is so fresh and delicious.  It is packed with nutrients and a great pick up.

4)  i am grateful for the support of friends and family in my business ventures.  i love being self employed.

5)  i am grateful for a comfortable bed to sleep in tonight with my pillow and blanket.  It will be nice to drift off to dreamland, where i hope i dream of Master.




  1. marketplaceliveteam1

    Good night.

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