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A submissive’s Daily Reflections Day 15

This life gives us so many things that we can be grateful for. We can look around and be ungrateful, or grateful, it’s a personal choice.  i find that when we are grateful, we have a more positive outlook on life in general.  Each day i will find five things i am grateful for, even on a hard day, i will try to look for the positive.  

1)  today i am grateful for all of the people who have served in the military to keep our country free.  i want to say thank you.

2) today i am grateful, that my Master is back from his trip.  i have truly missed him more than i can express in words.

3)  today i am grateful to have met other submissive’s like me, on  that i can share thoughts and ideas with.  

4)  today i am grateful that i have a place, this journal where i can feel free to write and put my thoughts down, i am grateful that my Master started this out as an assignment, he is very thoughtful with his assignments that he gives me.  (i guess that is a double grateful!  LOL)

5)  Even though my mother is no longer here on earth, today would have been her birthday, and i miss her so, but i am grateful to have some wonderful memories of her and  that i was able to spend as much time with her on this earth as i could.  

A special note to my mom in heaven:  Happy birthday mom, i love you.



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