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Daily Reflections Day 9

Each day i’m looking for something positive throughout the day.  Sometimes it is very obvious, some days it needs a closer look.  But reflecting back each day no matter how bad or good the day, there is always something positive if one looks close enough.  The five things that i am grateful for today are:

1)  i am grateful for music.  No matter how a i feel or what is going on in my life music makes a difference.  Music has been around since people realized that they had the ability to hum and it will be here until humans no longer exist.  i love music.

2)  i am grateful for other artisans like myself who i can turn to for advice.  They are always willing to offer  suggestions and help,  i appreciate them so much.

3)  i am grateful to have a wonderful Master that is caring.  He is firm but fair, and i appreciate and adore him.

4)  i am grateful for my customers.  Without customers my businesses would not run well.

5)  i am grateful for my friends.  True friends will always be there for you no matter what.

Post by me.

Quote stolen from face book!


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