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Daily Reflections Day 5

Today was a very busy, productive day for me.  Its after midnight and i am just slowing down.

Five things that i am grateful for 

1)  i am grateful for the beautiful weather we had today.  It was a beautiful sunny day, not hot not cold, just perfect.

2)  i am grateful that after i broke my sewing machine, ( i had a disagreement with the sewing machine, i wanted to work it didn’t and well push came to shove and i think the sewing machine lost)  i was able to pull out my old one and get it working and complete my project.

3)  i am grateful that i made it to the post office right before it closed.

4)  i am grateful for the star lit sky tonight.  It was beautiful.

5)  i am grateful that i am finally able to slow down and visit wordpress, i look forward to reading blogs.


Article by me

quote below stolen from face book!



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