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Daily Archives: October 22nd, 2013

Being His submissive

Surrounded by familyyet lonely,the faithful caring wifeShe was loving, giving, servingbut unappreciated, and ignoredShe was not happynot smilingyet still faithful and not lookingbut she was very lonelyThen one day he was thereit was very unexpectedand she smiled,a friendship begana trust was formedhe was kind, caringhumoruous, sweetthe loneliness faded awaylife felt better, more fulfillingshe feels so …

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My Proudest Moments

we have had a look at jealousy in your life. now I would like to hear about your proudest moments. what makes them stand out as such and what other proud moments do you hope to have in the future? Dear Sir, my proudest moments: i guess i can start when i was younger at …

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