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The Dream

i had a dream last night.  i don’t usually remember my dreams.

In fact, this is the only part i remember because it is the second time this week that i had this dream.  i remember my master sitting in a chair in the middle of the room.  It looked like a kitchen chair.  i was standing beside him, completely naked with my hands bound in front of me.  I had my eyes lowered and my head down.  He was displeased, but still calm and collected as usual.   He said “you know why i have to do this don’t you” and i said “yes sir” he said “i am displeased.  Now get over my knees”  to which i obediently went across his lap and he spanked me .  He had one of his arms holding me down and  spanked me with his hand.  i felt both sets of cheeks (my face and bottom) get hot.  Hmmm, i wonder what i did.

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