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bdsm, Owned and collared, slave, submission, daily life, and life's reflections

He will know me well

We were friends and his conversations were humorous, caring, friendly and warm.   What i did notice is that somewhere between our friendship and my submissiveness to him i noticed how he dominated our conversations.  It was very noticeable.  He is still humorous, caring, friendly and warm but he was  also quick with the questions and some of them were very uncomfortable for me to answer.  They were definitely out of my comfort zone.  At first i almost froze not sure how to answer, stumbling over my words, i was nervous and my face felt hot, my palms would sweat.    One of my comments to him at one point in the beginning  before i was his submissive was “you really like to control the conversation don’t you?”  i found it difficult to answer him sometimes.  Some questions seemed very personal and nobody has ever asked me them before.  How could i answer them?  However,  i still answered his questions, even though at times i felt embarrassed and uncomfortable.  It was an odd feeling.  He let me know that he needed to know as much as he could about me.  Now he knows more about me than any of my closest friends or even family.  He knows more about me than anyone on this earth .  i’m sure he will know even more as time goes on.  i never know what the next question will be.  Somehow, he has a way of getting me to open up and tell him anything. He knows the secrets that i have buried deep inside that i have never told anyone.   i told him i would always be open and honest with him, and i will.   i will trust him.  He is my master.

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